Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Transfer Photos from your iPad to a Windows Computer

Need help in backing up valuable photos from your iPad to your computer? If so, then this content is for you. In this post, you will learn how to import or transfer photos from your iPad or iPhone to a Windows PC via photo import tool. All you need to secure first is the USB cable, the same cable used to charge your iDevice.

Note: Make sure your iPad is running the latest iOS version to ensure no troubles as firmware version is among the requisites in the import process.

Once you have the cable ready, follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPad to your computer via USB.

2. Unlock your iPad. Enter your passcode if necessary.

3. If prompted with the Trust This Computer pop-up screen on your iPad, tap Trust or Allow to continue.

4. Now go to your computer and open the File Explorer.

5. Look for Portable Devices. Under it you should see a list of available portable devices connected to your computer. Locate your iPad.

6. Right-click on your iPad and select the option to Import pictures and videos.

7. Wait for the Import Pictures and Videos wizard to launch and scan your iPad for files. It could take a few minutes depending on the number of files the device is attempting to access from your iPad.

8. If prompted with the Import Settings screen, click on Import images to and specify the location you want the photos to be saved in your computer.

9. Select the option to Review, organize, and group items for import according to your preferences, then click Next.

10. Remove the check on any image that you don't want to import. You may need to do so because all new images will be selected for import by default.

11. Adjust how the imported photos will be sorted into folders using the slider.

12. Click the Enter a Name button to name each folder. Naming the folder properly will help you find your pictures later easily. Unnamed folders will automatically be labeled with the date.

13. Click on More options to adjust your import options.

14. Click Import to start copying the images to your computer.

15. You may add tags to your photos if you want. While tagging photos is options, it will help you sort your images in the Windows photo library later.

Important Note: Menus may vary depending on which version of Windows OS your PC is running on. The aforesaid steps are applicable to Windows 10 PCs.

And that's how do it. You now have a backup of your important photos on your Windows PC so you may now go ahead and free up some valuable space on your iPad.

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