Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Apple iPhone SE Battery Life Management Guide and Power-saving Tips

This post will help you learn how to conserve and extend battery life on your iPhone SE using available battery saving modes. It also highlights some helpful tips that will help you maximize power usage on your device. Read on to learn more.

Enable battery saving mode on your iPhone SE

When you activate the battery saving mode, some of your iPhone features will be limited so as to preserve power. Here's how to enable this power saving mode:

1. Go to the Home screen.
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Tap Battery.
4. Toggle the Lower Power Mode switch to enable the feature.

Configuring battery saving mode settings

You can configure some power saving mode settings according to your preferences. Here's how:

1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.
2. Next, tap Battery.
3. Toggle the Low Power Mode switch to turn the feature on.
4. To view current battery status, tap the Battery Percentage switch to turn the feature on.

Battery Saving Tips

The following methods will help you save battery life on your iPhone SE:
1. Configure or change app sync settings.
2. Lower screen brightness and timeout duration of the screen.
3. Toggle from 4G network to 2G.
4. Turn off background data.
5. Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot especially when not in use.
6. Uninstall or disable any unused apps.
7. Update to the latest iOS version available.
Latest firmware versions are generally rolled out to optimize functionality of your device.

In addition, setting your iPhone to sleep when unused can also help save power. To do so, just press and then quickly release the Power key on your phone to set the screen to sleep mode.

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