Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to sync your Google account and contacts on Apple iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus

This is a quick guide on how to sync your Google account on your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and stay updated with the latest messages that have reached your inbox while on the go. Also highlighted in this post are the steps on how to sync contacts from your Google account with your new iPhone.

And should you encounter any problem while trying to sync Google contacts with your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, this post also offers a quick workaround to serve as your troubleshooting reference.

Read on should you need this help with the steps.

1. Go to the Home screen to get started.

2. Tap Settings to get to the settings app.

3. From the Settings screen, scroll down to and tap Mail from the available options.

4. Next, tap Accounts.

5. Tap Add Account to continue.

6. Tap to select Google from the given account types.

7. Enter your email (Gmail) address and then tap Next.

8. Enter the Password for your Gmail account then tap Next.

9. On the next screen, tap the buttons next to the Google features you want to sync to your iPhone.

10. Tap Save to save your Google account sync settings.

Google sync is now set up on your new iPhone.

How to sync your Google Contacts with your iPhone 7/7 Plus

1. Open the Settings app by tapping on Settings from the Home screen.

2. Tap Contacts.

3. Select Accounts.

4. Tap Add Account.

5. Select Google.

6. Type your email and password. If you use a 2-step verification, use an app password to proceed.

7. Tap Next.

8. Toggle the Contacts switch to enable it or turn on the feature. If prompted, select whether you want to keep or delete existing contacts on your device before you sync Google contacts.

9. Once you're done setting your sync preferences, tap Save.

10. To start syncing, open the Contacts app on your iPhone.

What to do if your Google Contacts are not syncing?

Here's what you can do if you're having some troubles syncing your Google contacts on your new iPhone:

1. Tap Settings to open the Settings app.

2. Tap Contacts.

3. Select Accounts.

4. Tap your CardDAV account.

5. Toggle the Contacts switch to turn it ON.

6. Tap Account.

7. Select Advanced.

8. Toggle the switch next to 'Use SSL' to enable or turn it on.

9. Save your changes by tapping on Account then select DONE.

If the problem persists, try to remove your Google account and then re-add it.

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